Exhibition “Tragom lucidnih simbola” at Bosnian Cultural Center Sarajevo

BKC“Tragom lucidnih simbola”, is the title of exhibition of four artists, Lucido Group consisting of Alma Telibečirević, Marijana Hrvić, Branislav Lukić and Goran Hrvić. This exhibition will open tonight at Bosnian Cultural Center Sarajevo.

The exhibition has four authors and four various cycle s- “Symbols painted by sand” and “what are the colors of Rumi’s verses”- Alma Telibečirević, ”Novus Ordo Seclorum” – Marijana Hrvić, ”Witnesses of the past” – Goran Hrvić and ”Democracy theater” – Branislav Lukić Luka.

All the fans of fine arts can visit the exhibition in the next 10 days from the opening.
(Source: Fena)


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