Exhumation in House on Bikavac known as “Living Pyre” to be continued

12784583_1732332607003416_1769468844_nAssociation “Women Victims of War” requested from the competent authorities to carry out the inspection of the basement of house of Meho Aljic on Bikavac in Visegrad, also known as “living pyre”, where more than 70 Bosniak civilians were burned on the 27th of June 1992.

Families of the victims of pyres in Bikavac and Pionirska Street in Visegrad are seeking for the remains of their loved ones 23 years after the monstrous crime, and it is assumed that there was a total of 140 victims.

These days, a bone was found at the foundations of the house of Meho Aljic on Bikavac and it is assumed that it could belong to one of the victims. It raised hope of families that bones may be on the crime scene, whose only surviving witness is Zehra Turjacanin.

Bakira Hasecic, president of the “Women Victims of War”, confirmed to the media that the exhumation have started and that the basement and other parts of the house are being searched.

Hope for families of victims never disappeared and they are asking everyone who know anything to help them to decently bury the remains of their loved ones.

To recall, on the 14th and 27th of June 1992, members of paramilitary formation “Osvetnici” under the command of Milan Lukic burned more than 140 Bosniak men, women, children and elderly people in the house of Adem Omeragic in Pioneer Street and Meho Aljic on Bikavac.

For this and other crimes committed in Visegrad, Milan Lukic was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Hague tribunal.

(Source: E. A./Klix.ba)

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