Expert Group Submitted Final Proposal of Recommendations for Reform of FBiH Constitution

Ekspertna_grupa_promjena_ustavaThe expert group for reform of the FBiH Constitution delivered its final recommendations today to Parliament for reform of the FBiH Constitution.

The expert group finalized its work on the recommendations after the conference that was held on 15 May, in which a number of representatives of civil society participated.

The recommendations are the result of different proposals of representatives of all sectors of society, who gave their suggestions during the consultation process that lasted from January to May, and on the basis of feasibility analysis, which was prepared by an expert group.

The expert group hopes that the FBiH Parliament, as a relevant institution for any type of reform of the FBiH Constitution, is seriously considering recommendations as the basis for constitutional reform that would lead to greater equality of all citizens and the functionality of the FBiH, as well as reducing public spending in the FBIH.

(Source: Fena)

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