EYA Impact Weekend Sarajevo to take Place at the School of Economics and Business

This week, from September 19 to 21 – the EYA Impact Weekend Sarajevo takes place at the School of Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo.

Thirty-one international experts will participate in this event and exchange knowledge and experience with a group of 60 selected young participants – in cooperation with IT Girls BiH.

The aim of the event is to support young people in using digital technologies to improve society.

At the EYA Impact Weekend in Sarajevo renowned international and regional experts share their experiences in interactive workshops and meet you on eye-level in coaching sessions.

Sixty young participants have the chance to transform ideas into concepts, benefit from knowledge transfer and learn how to better impact society. It’s a two-day bootcamp for change-makers!

The most motivated and productive teams will be awarded! The winners will be decided by the expert on-site Impact Weekend jury, right after the pitch presentations.

The best team will receive an exclusive project management workshop by NOMCENTAR!

Win tickets to the EYA Festival – the EYA contests “Winners Event”, taking place in Graz from November 27–30, 2019

EYA is an unique European-wide movement of young innovators who never stop learning, questioning and improving the world we live in. We believe in the power digital technologies can have to create a postive impact on society!

Several activities and events are organized throughout the year and can be found all over Europe! There is its flagship and name-giving initiative: The European Youth Award (EYA contest) and its winners event (EYA Festival); along with coding events (e.g. SHacks (social hackathons), Game Jams), the Youth for Innovation (YFI) programs, mentorship programs and more!



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