FACE TV: (Red) Akcija

(Red) Akcija(Red) Akcija is the most extensive topical news broadcast in B&H! The show discusses current topics through research articles, interviews and searches of archives, with the aim to better approach certain topics to viewers. As it is well known, television journalism, due to limited space is forced to simplify issues and its contributions, which is why even the most complex stories are presented simply, almost superficially. Due to this, FACE TV decided to offer viewers before its news broadcast ‘Dnevnik’ the show (RED) Akcija, which will thoroughly discuss the current topics in a way that no other television show in B&H has been able to do! Thus, (RED) Akcija is the most extensive thematic show of investigative journalism of more than two hours a week!

(Red) Akcija will air tonight at 18:45.

(Source: Press Office FACE TV)

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