Musical ‘Grease’ at National Theatre Sarajevo

poster_brilijantinStudents of the Sarajevo Music Academy will perform the first post-war musical in B&H ‘Grease’ on 18 December at 19:30.

This is a musical-theatrical performance of the musical ‘Grease’, directed by Alma Ferović. Ballerina Nadža Pušilo did the choreography, and Nenad Tešić did the arrangement and musical direction, while Marijela-Margeta Hašimbegović helped in the technical and artistic realization of the performance. Special guest of the musical ‘Grease’ is Fuad Backović Deen.

The play is realized in cooperation with the National Theatre Sarajevo, which made possible the scenographic elements and the use of costumes from FUNDUS and the Institute for Music, Theatre and Multimedia, where the project was prepared a little less than two months.

Tickets for the musical can be bought at the box office of the National Theatre.

Video: http://youtu.be/eWeRnmlby1E

(Source: National Theatre Sarajevo)

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