Famous Travel Writer Morris: BiH is a Beautiful Country,Everyone should visit it (VIDEO)

Worldwide famous travel writer Gabriel Morris, who is followed by almost 100,000 people on several internet platforms, visited some of the cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the past couple of days and discovered the beauty of our country.

Many people are respecting the travel tips of this travel guide since 1990 when he went on a great tour throughout Europe as an 18 years old boy, and it is certain that many tourists around the world will consider visiting BiH after he visited Sarajevo, Visoko, and Mostar.

“Mostar is definitely worth paying a visit,” said Morris, in a video on his YouTube channel that he made in this jewel of Herzegovina. He noted that this city offers a cheap accommodation, and he also liked the Neretva River and the Old Bridge.

He did not like the food that much, but he liked the ambiance of almost every object he visited, including all the restaurants.

During his visit to Sarajevo, he was absolutely impressed with the architecture that our capital city is hiding and he reminded his followers on the numerous historical details that happened in this city.

Besides these two cities, Gabriel also visited the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids in Visoko, where he wanted to take a look at the numerous discoveries on the pyramids in this city. He also noted that every tourist should take some time to visit Visoko.

Take a look at the video.



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