Farewell visit of Serbian ambassador to BiH Presidency

Chairman of BiH Presidency Nebojša Radmanović received today ambassador of Serbia in BiH Ninoslav Stojadinović in his farewell visit.

Radmanović and Stojadinović talked about the current political situation in BiH and Serbia and overall relations and situation in the region.

Stojadinović thanked Radmanović for very good cooperation during his stay in BiH and for good communication and personal understanding during his job as an ambassador of Serbia in BiH.

Radmanović thanked Stojadinović for his contribution to development of good bilateral relations between BiH and Serbia.

He lauded the endeavour of Stojadinović to improve the cooperation of Serbia and RS during his stay in BiH and RS, especially in culture and other social issues. Radmanović and Stojadinović expressed that they hope that the cooperation will continue in future with current intensity.

They exchanged opinions on political situation in BiH and Serbia and Stojadinović informed Radmanović about the intensification of efforts of Belgrade in dialogue with Priština and in Serbian effort to become a full member of the EU.

In the end, Chairman Radmanović wished Stojadinović all the best in his further work and gave him a present as a memory of his stay in BiH and his work as a diplomat.


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