Farmers from all over Bosnia blocked Customs Terminals

Farmers from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina have blocked customs terminals at the Raca and Bosanska Gradiska border crossings. In this way, they want to express dissatisfaction with the excessive import of agricultural and food products to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the work of the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH Stasa Kosarac, Avaz writes.

Farmers are asking for the protection of domestic production, and the removal of Minister Stasa Kosarac, but also a conversation with the authorities. As they stated, while on the one hand they have surplus meat, milk, fruits and vegetables, the authorities import these products. It is about 115 million liters of milk, tons of vegetables and thousands of cattle and pigs.

There are dozens of vehicles and dozens of tractors at the Raca customs terminal. Organizers say the protest was organized in accordance with all epidemiological measures.

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