Fascinating Shots of BH Wild Horses from the Air (Video)

Anyone who drove on a part of the M-16 highway on the section Livno-Kupres knows that they should drive more carefully due to the large number of Livno wild horses.

Livno wild horses were left to a care of a group of volunteers – enthusiasts from the Mountain-Ecological Society of Borova Glava for a long time, and they were often killed on a highway because of careless drivers and speeding.

This situation considerably changed in the second half of the year of 2009, when the Municipality of Livno adopted the decision to put Livno wild horses under the protection.

Their number was tripled since then – it was increased from 167 to more than 400, and there is about 50 foals every year as well.

Helifilm produced this unusual video as well – the wild horses of Livno recorded from the air.

Take a look at the video and enjoy a unique beauty of Livno wild horses.



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