Faster from Sarajevo to the Seaside by the reconstructed Railroad soon?

Reconstructed Railways klix.baAs of next year, the travellers will be traveling by a reconstructed railroad on the route from Sarajevo towards the coast.

The railroad at the section from the border crossing in Capljina to Bradina was reconstructed last year, and the remaining 36 kilometres of railroad at the section from Bradina to Sarajevo as well as the most complex section of the route, the tunnel Ivan in length of three kilometres, will be renewed by April 2016.

Late last year, the renowned Italian company Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie (GCF), in a consortium with the BH company Hering, started executing works on the reconstruction of the railroad at the section Sarajevo – Bradina.

The first stage, which is primarily referring to the construction works, is currently nearing completion. Besides 4.000 tons of rails, the universal rail tamping machine (ili ballast tamper) Matisa is to arrive for the first time in B&H in September.

Roberto Accinelli, the project manager of the railroad reconstruction at the section Sarajevo – Bradina, considers that the biggest challenge in terms of the reconstruction of this section is the complex terrain, and the tunnel Ivan.

“Our group is working on the reconstruction and maintenance of railways worldwide, and until now we have worked on more than 20 projects in Italy, France, Denmark, Turkey, Bulgaria and Morocco”, said Accineli.

Besides the responsibilities towards adjusting the works to the regular railway traffic, Accineli added, certainly the most complex part of the section is the tunnel Ivan whose reconstruction lasts for the entire year and that will be reconstructed completely, and especially interesting is that the rail at that section will be placed in the level with the asphalt in order to strengthen it as good as possible and to gain on the height of the tunnel, which is in certain places just centimetres higher above the wagons.

Accineli also said that more than 1.500 tons of 120 meters long rail, which is being used in this region for the first time ever, have arrived in B&H so far.

(Source: klix.ba)

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