Samir Avdic: Dzanan Musa is an extraordinary Talent

Samir Avdic about Musa avaz.baThe cadet basketball national team of B&H won against Lithuania in the final match of the Eurobasket with a result of 85:83, and thus became the champion of Europe.  This is a great sports accomplishment. Samir Avdic, the former basketball national team player, commented on this incredible accomplishment.

“This generation of guys led by Pandza, Numanovic and Zametica is a team that has shown its tremendous quality by winning the gold at the Olympic Youth Festival in Georgia. Another thing, they have shown that they had entered the European Championships with great self-confidence and readiness to achieve a good result.  We all somehow surreptitiously hoped for them to win the medal. In the end, they managed to win the gold“, said Avdic.

Avdic then noted that they have been up to the task in the key matches.

“They have shown great decisiveness and willingness. In the matches against serious opponents, starting from the quarterfinals and Germany, the semi-finals and Spain and Lithuania in the finals, they have demonstrated that they simply did not even think of losing. They dominated on the court, demonstrated the maturity. Those guys know how to handle the situations on the field, to take the responsibility. They have presented devised basketball strategies and great unity. They also demonstrated great communication between the bench and the players. This team is an example of how one sports collective should work in B&H, and I might say in Europe as well”, Avdic said.

In the end, Avdic praised the leader of the BH team Dzanan Musa.

dzanan“First of all, I have watched a number of his matches. He is an extraordinary talent. B&H has a great future star in him. It should be specially emphasized that this is one exceptional young man who can be a role model to the future generations by his good manners, status in school, approach to training… On this occasion, I want to warmly congratulate his parents and his family for bringing up such a young man. He is an example of what one sportsman in B&H should look like”, Avdic concluded.

(Source: photo haber, avaz)

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