Federal Government made Decision to end State of Natural Disaster


At the telephone session, the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina made a decision to end the state of natural disaster that was declared due to the coronavirus pandemic, Avaz news portal reports.

The state of natural disaster was lifted after more than two months.  This decision came after the mitigation of a number of measures, including the abolition of self-isolation and the opening of borders.

During the last week, this decision was made by the Government in Republika Srpska entity.

On March 16, the Federal Government made a decision to declare a state of natural disaster in order to protect and save people and material goods from natural and other disasters. Only a day later, on March 17, the Council of Ministers of BiH, at the invitation of the Presidency of BiH, declared a state of emergency, ie a state of natural or other disasters.

Authorities continue to appeal to citizens to adhere to the basic recommendations, which are to keep a physical distance, wear protective masks and wash hands often.



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