Federal Government orders Prices of Goods not to exceed the Ones on March 5th


The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at session held in Sarajevo on Thursday, issued a Decision on establishing the conditions for prescribing direct price control measures in the Federation of BiH.

Direct control measures relate to products under the jurisdiction of the FBiH, cantons, cities and municipalities prescribed by the provisions of the Law on Price Control, as well as other food items, basic hygiene and other products sold by all participants in the supply chain, i.e., companies and other legal and natural persons who manufacture and deal with wholesale and retail trade.

Legal and private entities are obliged to determine and apply margins so that they do not exceed the margin level of these products recorded on March 5.

The FBiH, cantonal, city and municipal market inspectorates are responsible for the implementation and supervision of the implementation of this decision. This decision annuls the previous one that was in force on direct price control measures.



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