Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 on the Sarajevo Streets

car2Streets of Sarajevo really come to life during the summer months, and besides many tourists and celebrities, many people enjoy to see rare, and very often, expensive cars. However, an exception is seeing very rare classic cars, and a “catch” such as this one, represents a real pleasure for all of those car lovers out there.

It is not unknown that the representatives of embassies and international institutions in B&H are fully enjoying the benefits in line with their diplomatic status, but it is pretty rare to see that they have a Ferrari, and especially if we consider that this is not so common and affordable classic.

One of our readers took a photo of this Ferrari Dino 308 GT4, which was produced from 1973 to 1980, and according to the registration plates, it belongs to the Office of the High Representative in B&H. This model is particularly interesting and special because it was the first serial model of Ferrari that was powered by the V8 engine. Its special design, which is still drawing attention, was done by the famous Bertone, and it is powered by the 2.9 liter aluminum V8 engine, which produces 250 hp.

carThis model is the last model of sub-brand Dino as well, and Ferrari envisioned this submark as an affordable alternative of the brand Ferrari. The main idea was to offer a sports car cheaper than the expensive V12 model, which Ferrari was producing, and that also should be competitor to the Porsche 911. The famous Enzo Ferrari did not want to compromise the reputation of his brand by producing cheaper cars, so he created the sub-brand Dino, which was named after Enzo’s early deceased son, Alfred Dino Ferrari.


(Source: klix.ba)

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