Fico with Two Engines was the Main Attraction on Acceleration Race in Mostar

Auto club Herzegovina organizes “Auto-motto Street Show – Mostar 2017 part 2” this weekend at the Airport Mostar. Numerous attractions will be available and, among other things, Damir Ozegovic’s “Fico” with two engines.

Kresimir Simic, head of the organization of this event, said that yesterday’s competition is just heat for today when more spectators are expected.

“The very top of the Balkans is in Mostar, all the most famous drivers in the acceleration competition at 402 meters are here, we have over 80 cars and about 50 motorbikes. The best ones will receive valuable prizes,” said Simic.

Tomislav Kresevac is a regular participant of all similar races in Mostar and he is always expecting the best result in class 11.

“I am hoping to win in my class, and I would be happy to enter the super finale. The competition is very good, there is Sirco, Ozegovic is a bit faster. There is my Fiat Tipo with 410 hp, which needs 2.2 seconds for acceleration from zero to 100. I almost made a personal record with the time 10.9,” said Kresevac.

A special attraction on the Mostar track is Damir Ozegovic with his Fico with two Suzuky Hayabuse engines with added nitro system work. For those who are looking at it for the first time, it is really amazing to see a Fico fired as a missile leaving behind him a much stronger car.

As usual, besides the acceleration race for cars, there are also a number of events, from motorcycle races, gathering of old-timers, car design competitions, the volume of the installed dB Drag sound system and a whole set of other interesting things.

Take a look at the video.

(Source: R. D./Klix.ba)

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