Film ”Obrana i zaštita” (A Stranger) premiered at Festival in Berlin

Film ”Obrana i zaštita” (A Stranger), directed by Bobo Jelčić had its premiere at International Film Festival in Berlin, reports FENA.

Film was showed as a part of festival program Forum, which is a part of Festival that puts the emphasis on innovative works that represent a drift from centrist approach and shapes unconventional film approaches, said Spiritus Movens Production.

”A Stranger” was presented by directer Bobo Jelčić, actor Bogdan Diklić, actress Ivana Roščić, producer Zdenka Gold, casting director Oriana Kunčić, editor Ivana Fumić, sound designer Ranko Pauković and others.

The mood during the premiere was excellent and reactions of the audience are very positive.

Film ”A Stranger” will be shown in next few days in Berlin in three more terms.

The film talks about Slavko (Bogdan Diklić) who, in contemporary Mostar, finds out that his long-time friend Đulaga has died, and since Slavko is a Croat Catholic and Đulaga Bosniak Muslim, he dwells whether he’ll go to a funeral or not, because if goes he will displease his neighbour and a local politician, and if doesn’t go, his wife (Nada Đurevska) will think he’s a coward.

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