Film ‘Raise your head’ in Meeting Point Cinema

it_movieOn 15 May, citizens of Sarajevo will have the opportunity to watch yet another film of the Week of European Film which is being shown in Meeting Point Cinema. This time, it is the Italian film ‘Raise your head’, directed by Alessandro Angelini and starring Duccio Camerini, Gabriele Campanelli, Sergio Castellitto which will be shown.

The film talks about Mero who is a skilled shipyard worker and a former amateur boxer, is a single father. His only reason for living is his son Lorenzo, born from Mero’s relationship with an Albanian girl. The father hopes for the boy to become a boxing champion. So he trains him hard, teaching him day after day how to throw punches and how to protect himself from life’s low blows. The balance of this relationship is disturbed by the return of Lorenzo’s mother Denisa and by the son’s meeting with young Ana. Mero’s trials are not over and he will have to deal with pain and with his own prejudices.

‘Raise your head’ will be shown at 8 p.m. and the entrance is free for all.


(photo: kinomeetingpoint)

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