Finalized procedure concerning the recognition and exchange of Bosnian driving licenses in Australia

The Ministry of Communication and Transport in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the collaboration with the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Canberra finalized the procedure of recognition and exchange of Bosnian driving licenses in Australia.

The Authority of Australia ”AUSTROADS”, which represents the Association of Authorities responsible for road transport and traffic in Australia and New Zealand, decided on their regular session that Australia will fully recognize Bosnian driving licenses  in Australia.

Due to this decision, Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with other 26 countries, out of which 20 are EU or NATO members, has been   included on the list of countries whose driving licenses are recognized by the Authorities of Australia. The procedure of exchange of Bosnian driving license for an Australian is enabled without any further theoretical or practical exams.

According to the Bosnian Embassy in Canberra, it is expected that this decision will be implemented in the period of next six months.

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