First Electronic Health Cards Printed

socialni_kartaPatients who are being treated in health facilities in Sarajevo Canton will have electronic health cards by the summer, which is something that has been ongoing for two years, announced Fena.

This was confirmed to Dnevni Avaz by the Minister of Health Eldan Lokmić, who said that currently they are working on two fronts-one part is being dealt with by the Federal Ministry of Health, and the other part by the Cantonal Ministry and Health Insurance of Sarajevo Canton.

“Currently we are working on the data network, which is partially installed in the clinic center in the University of Sarajevo. Some important things will probably be resolved this month regarding the software processing of necessary data, so that by the summer 90 percent will be finished, when 5,000 electronic health cards will be put into operation and dealt out to patients’’, added Lokmić.

Preference will be given to all those for whom doctors in family medicine consider a priority for the provision of health services.

“This is a project that will permanently solve the problems of congestion in health care facilities so that all previous concerns will be removed in health centers. This would be a more comfortable system that will greatly facilitate how patients and doctors, who will have a clear insight into the patient’s records are therapy are being used, and to pharmacists, who will control prescribing and drug awareness’’, said Lokmić.

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