First Guests of the 17th Jazz Fest Arrived in Sarajevo

jazz-fest-posterThe first guests of the 17th Jazz Fest Sarajevo 2013 arrived in Sarajevo on Sunday and they will perform from 5 -10 November at the festival, which will be held on the stages of the Bosnian Cultural Center, the Youth Theatre and Club Monument.

The participants of the festival will also be the presenters of Music Meeting, the educational program of Jazz Fest that for the second year in a row gathers in Sarajevo young musicians and students of music from B&H, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia.

This year the Music Meeting will bring together 80 young people, and the goal of the project is to establish contacts with colleagues from the region, learning from international artists as well as initiating new musical collaboration.

One of the results of last year’s Music Meeting is the formation of the ensemble “Halka” and the publication of their first album. This year, Halka will close the program of the 17th Jazz Fest with a concert on 9th November at the Bosnian Cultural Center starting at 21:00.

(Source: Fena)


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