First Teaser of HBO Series directed by Bosnian-born Oscar Winner Danis Tanovic (video)

The first teaser of a “Success” series was released, which is the first series from the original HBO production in our region, directed by Bosnian-born Oscar winner Danis Tanovic.

Producers on the project are Johnathan Young (HBO Europe) and Ana Balentovic (HBO Adria), while the service producer is Zagreb-based production company Drugi plan.

For a long time I’ve been getting offers to make series which I think, at the moment, are more interesting and inventive than the movies, but none of them intrigued me so far. Marjan Alčevski’s script is amazingly written, and I’m really happy that HBO has recognized its quality and given me the opportunity to collaborate on it”, said Tanović.

‘I am incredibly proud of this project, of Marjan Alčevski’s story, which we have worked on for a full 18 months and are now shooting the final scenes. The most important part of the job is done, with postproduction following. The series is aimed at viewers in the region, but the story is universal and will be available on the HBO platform to audiences around the world’, said Balentović.

Producer Nebojša Taraba (Drugi Plan) led journalists to the 9th floor which was seized by film equipment. They were just preparing to shoot a scene with Iva Mihalić, Tara Thaller and Uliks Fehmiu. We kept out of the way because the crew, under the guidance of Oscar award-winning director Danis Tanović, were facing an all-nighter. Still, along with our colleagues, we had a chance to experience the story from the other side of the camera.

Director of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre Daniel Rafaelić took the opportunity to say hello to the whole team and express his great pleasure that such a significant project is being filmed here. Uspjeh applied to the Croatian Audiovisual Centre’s incentives programme for audiovisual production. The screenwriter Marjan Alčevski then stated, ‘HAVC’s cash rebate program has not only encouraged foreign productions to film in Croatia but has given the opportunity to increase the number of Croatian film professionals working on the most demanding global projects.’

The series has 6 parts and has been shooting from the beginning of March until the end of May. Marjan Alčevski’s screenplay was selected from 570 applications in HBO Adria’s ‘First Draft’ competition. The director is Danis Tanović, while lead roles are played by Marija Skaričić, Uliks Fehmiu, Iva Mihalić, Toni Gojanović and Tara Thaller. The executive producers are Steve Matthews and Jonathan Young (HBO Europe), producers are Ana Balentović (HBO Adria), Nebojša Taraba and Miodrag Sila (Drugi Plan), while the production supervisor is Emma Turner (HBO Europe).



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