Five Hundred Workers of bankrupt Aluminium Smelter will be fired

A total of 70 workers of the bankrupt Aluminum smelter began receiving dismissals on Tuesday, which will eventually be received by some 500 employees of that once largest exporter from BiH, was confirmed to Federal News Agency by the president of the Aluminum Independent Employees Union, Romeo Bioksic.

When it comes to severance pay, they will be paid within three days from the date of listing the termination of the employment contract and will average about 8,500 KM.

“So, about seventy workers have already signed the termination of the employment contract, which will ultimately be signed by about 500 of them,” said Bioksic.

He added that about 380 workers of the Mostar company have signed new labor contracts, but what kind of contracts they are and whether their workers are happy with it, I do not know,” Bioksic said.

“I did not have insight into the new contracts and I really do not know what they are and how satisfied are the workers,” he said.

Someone will receive a larger, lesser severance pay than that amount, depending on his years of service in Aluminum.

Aluminum employed about 900 workers, with the FBiH Government owning 44 percent of the share capital, small shareholders also holding 44 percent of the shares, while the Government of the Republic of Croatia holding the remaining 12 percent.

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