Foreign Media recalled: Bosko and Admira, Love Heroes of besieged Sarajevo (Video)

Bosko and AdmiraSlain by snipers’ bullets, the childhood sweethearts’ bodies lay in their final embrace, still entwined, they had become symbols of enduring love caught in a senseless war.

The world public had the opportunity to get to know the story that probably every citizen of BiH knows, and they were touched by the desire of two young people to cross the differences that made their fellow citizens fight the war, just in the name of love.

The story explains how the love of Bosko and Admira developed, during the breakup of Yugoslavia, which was followed by the war in BiH which, for them and many others, was more than tragic.

“Bosko’s mother Radmila called this pair “a symbol of peace,” but rejected to compare them with Shakespeare’s masterpiece. Their love was never forbidden and the two families always respected each other. In fact, she still keeps in touch with Admira’s parents.”

Moreover, journalists of NBC described all the horrors of war in BiH, and they presented this story as a symbol that love overcomes all boundaries that people put in front of one another.

And we will always remember the two lovers from the streets of Sarajevo who died on their way to reach their dream.

Take a look at the VIDEO about Bosko and Admira and their love story.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba/nbcnews.com)


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