Former boss of Croatia’s Agrokor extradited from Britain

Ivica Todoric, the former owner of Croatia’s biggest private company Agrokor, was extradited from Britain on Wednesday night to Croatia and sent to a jail immediately after the plane landed in Zagreb.

Todoric was escorted by Croatian police officers to Zagreb on a regular flight, and from the Zagreb airport he was taken to an investigative jail.

It is expected that Todoric will soon be questioned before the investigative judge decides whether to extend his imprisonment or to release him.

Croatian Justice Minister Drazen Bosnjakovic confirmed that the British authorities had extradited Todoric to Croatia, but refused to talk about the details that preceded the extradition.

Investigations against Todoric, his sons Ante and Ivan and 12 former Agrokor managers were initiated on suspicion of corporate crimes. In October 2017, Croatian police arrested former executives of Agrokor, while Todoric managed to escape to London.

Todoric was arrested in London exactly one year ago on the basis of the European Arrest Warrant. In proceedings before the London court, he objected to the extradition and claimed that the political process had been held against him. He was released after paying 100,000 pounds of bail.

The first hearing was held in April in London, and on Oct. 25, the court ruled that Todoric be extradited to Croatia.

(Source: Xinhua)

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