Former CIA Agent claims: They gave us Millions to split up Yugoslavia


Robert Baer, a former CIA agent, talked about the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia in the 90’s.

Baer claims that then he and his colleagues received millions of dollars to influence politicians and to cause the splitting-up of the former Yugoslavia.

We bribed parties and politicians who were encouraging hatred among nations,” stated Baer.

He also emphasized that one US senator told him during the war that Srebrenica will be the biggest news on the world’s front pages.

He even told us that we can already start establishing contacts with the media,” said Baer.

This former CIA agent was arrested multiple times in recent years because he was revealing confidential state secrets. So far, he has published several books about the CIA, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

I arrived in Sarajevo for the first time on the 12th of January 1991. I came by helicopter with three other agents. Our task was to observe Serbian terrorists who were supposed to attack the city. We got the information that there will be a number of terrorist attacks in the city due to the intention of B&H to withdraw from the former Yugoslavia. But that was a lie, our bosses had lied to us. Our primary task was to spread panic that there would be attacks among politicians,” said Baer.

He stated that the mission lasted for two weeks, and then he went to Slovenia for a new mission.

The entire operation lasted for a month and it was named ‘The Truth’,” said Baer.

He added that his team received several million dollars to fund non-governmental organizations, opposition parties and politicians who promoted hate in Slovenia, which was ready for independence.

The aim of propaganda was to split up Yugoslavia,” said Baer.

He also emphasized that those who caused the war are today owners of companies, which are using natural and other resources of the former Yugoslavia.

They made slaves out of you. Now you have to import from other countries, and since you do not have money, you have to borrow it. This is the very essence of the story about the Balkans,” said Baer.

At the end, he invited people of the Balkans not to hate each other and to forget the past, which was just part of one great show.

(Source: photo abc)


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