Former Mayor of Bihac honoured by the ordain of Saint Sava

Former Mayor of the city of Bihac Hamdija Lipovaca, was honored by the ordain of Saint Sava, which is given to him for being an outstanding citizen.

On his Facebook page, Lipovaca wrote that it is important for him to be honored by the ordain of Saint Sava by the peoples who is not of the same religion as he is.

Moreover, he added that he is the only Bosniak in the history of Serbian Orthodox Church is a reminder that the officials should behave well towards the “small and weak” peoples, and only in that way Bosnia and Herzegovina can survive.

Lipovaca was given an order for his contribution in the construction of the Holy Trinity Temple in Bihac.

Milorad Dodik personally congratulated him on the ceremony of delivery of the ordain.




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