Frost and Wind: Warning to Drivers from BIHAMK

traffic-winterTraffic in BiH today is conducted on mainly dry roads.

In the shaded parts of the roads in higher altitudes, as well as bridges and tunnels entrances, ice is possible. We draw attention to places with stronger wind, including the main road M-15 Priluka – Glamoc – Mliniste. Drivers should be noted that possession and use of winter equipment is legally binding on the roads in BiH, as announced from BIHAMK.

Due to work on the replacement of dilation on the bridge over the Sava River on the main road M-17 in Bosanski Samac, the traffic is taking place alternately, in one lane.

During the day, due to the de-mining of the terrain, the occasional half-hour suspension of traffic will take place on the roads M-6 Stolac – Ljubinje (7 am-4 pm), M-4 Teslic – Kotor Varos (Rujevica, 8 am-4 pm) and Tuzla – Ugljevik (Banj Brdo, 8 am-4 pm), as well as on the regional road R-467 Zavidovici – Olovo (Smajilbasici field, 8 am-4 pm). On the roads M-19.3 Rogatica – Ustipraca in village Dub (9 am-10 am and 1 pm-3 pm) and M-16 Banja Luka – Jajce (HE Bocac, 2pm -2: 30 pm), there will be occasional short suspension, due to the blasting operations.

Due to the works in the territory of Croatia, drivers are warned on long delays at border crossings Bosanski Brod – Slavonski Brod and Orasje – Zupanja, and it is recommended to use other border crossings. There are currently no longer retention time on the other border crossings.

“Due to construction works at Obala Kulina Bana (from its junction with the bridge Skenderija to the compound of the bridge Drvenija) the traffic is banned in the left lane in the permitted direction of movement, while the other lane is free for traffic.”

“Because of repair works, the traffic is slowed down in the streets: Kosta Hermana, Halilbašića, Porodice Ribar, Zvornička, Stolačka, Kraljice Jelene, Prijedor, Zmaja od Bosne and Kemal begova Street.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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