General Hospital “Prim. Dr. Abdulah Nakaš” to be evicted by summer?

General Hospital klix.ba (1)General Hospital “Prim. Dr. Abdulah Nakaš” should be evicted already by summer, and its staff and portable equipment moved to the Clinical Center University of Sarajevo.

According to statements by some patients who have been treated in the General Hospital for some time, they have already been said that they will have to go to CCUS for their next check-ups, scheduled for mid-2016.

Dragan Stevanović, Head of the Internist Ward of the General Hospital and President of the Steering Committee of Chamber of Physicians of the Sarajevo Canton, stated that, by all odds, the process of merging the General Hospital and the CCUS is unstoppable and that it is most likely that the FB&H Government will move in the premises currently occupied by the General Hospital.

Certain doctors are already transferring from the General Hospital to the CCUS, in order to avoid the uncertainty brought by the announced merging of the two medical institutions.

Stevanović highlighted that profession is not included in the entire process at all, that he personally has nothing against administrative merging of the General Hospital and the CCUS, where the General Hospital would remain in service of patients.

“Unfortunately, according to all information we have and which are not unchecked, it is being headed towards another direction. Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton Elmedin Konaković stated that the abolition of General Hospital be used to resolve some issues of accommodating institutions, while the Minister of Health of FB&H said that he heard that the Hospital might be turned into a non-medical facility. It is thus being headed towards evicting the hospital and changing the purpose of the space to, most likely, turn it into administrative headquarters,” Stevanović said.

(Source: klix.ba)

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