Government of FB&H: Distribution of 50 million BAM for Employment Incentives

meetingOn the session held in Sarajevo, the Government of FB&H made a Decision on approval of Program of expenditure with the Plan of Allocation of funds “Current transfers to other levels of government and funds for financing of employment and self-employment,” which is defined by FB&H Budget for 2016, to the Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts. The funds amounted to 50 million BAM and will be realized through the Federal Employment Service.

The total amount is allocated by the cantons, depending on the number of unemployed persons and their share in the total number of unemployed persons in FB&H. By this criterion, Una Sana Canton will receive 6.115 million BAM, Posavina Canton 580,000 BAM, Tuzla Canton 14,065 million BAM, Zenica-Doboj Canton 9,385,000 BAM, Bosnia-Podrinje Canton 550,000 BAM, Central Bosnia Canton 4,360,000 BAM, Herzegovina Neretva Canton 4,355,000 BAM, West Herzegovina Canton 1,445,000 BAM, Sarajevo Canton 7,965,000 BAM and Canton 10 will receive 1.180.000 BAM.

The purpose of the program is subsidization of employers in case of hiring unemployed persons without work experience or work experience in the profession for which they received their education, or in the level of qualifications and subsidizing of people who are self-employed.

The Federal Office, in cooperation with the cantonal employment services, will be checking the qualifications of employers and self-employed persons, based on data from the application, as well as those that will be provided by official duty.

Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts will submit quarterly report on progress of the implementation, the use of subsidies and achieved goals, based on the monthly reports of the Federal Employment Service, to the Government of FB&H.

(Source: klix.ba)




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