Grandmother Nura Comor, the Oldest Resident of Lukomir, died

12016457_1739881346248542_1903698442_nThe oldest resident of village Lukomir on Bjelasnica Mountain, 88-year-old Nura Comor, died on Saturday, and she was buried in the village cemetery yesterday, in the presence of residents of the village and many mountaineers.

In Lukomir, only Ibro Comor who stepped into the tenth decade of life, was older than her.

Nura was the “trademark” of Lukomir, the last resident who welcomed the hikers, tourists and the curious who came to see the only authentic Bosnian village where it feels like the time has stopped in the stone houses covered with shingles, in traditional attire with Bosnian golden coin on her wrinkled forehead.

Not only years, but also the hard life, left a mark on grandma Nura, as everybody who came to Lukomir used to call her. She lived alone in a house that is more than a hundred years old. She had seven children, and all of them, as she said, “died shortly after the birth.” One of her daughters died as a young girl. Nura’s husband died 10 years ago.

She was living alone, knitting socks and decorating her garden. During the winter, she was staying in Sarajevo, with her brother.

Lukomir is the only village in BiH located over 1,300 meters above sea level and the last authentic Bosnian village with houses made of stone covered with steep roofs made of shingles.

For the fifth winter in a row, residents of Lukomir are spending the winter in Tarcin, Hadzici, Vlakovo and Sarajevo because the village is blocked due to several meters of snow, from November to May.

(Source: klix.ba)

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