GRAS Will Receive 1.300.000 BAM for Procurement of Used Buses and Trolleybuses

gras_tramvajMembers of Canton Sarajevo Assembly entrusted the government to ensure GRAS around 1.300.000 Bam for the procurement of 13 used trolley buses and 10 used buses by 1 July next year.

The relevant ministry said that this is one more wrongly adopted conclusion that should lead to a recovery of the company, because it will not be able to be fully put into action.

According to the Canton Sarajevo Minister of Transport Jusuf Bubica, from the budget for next year the amount that GRAS management asked for will be allocated, and the the General Assembly supported.

‘’There is a law in our country that is valid, and that is that the vehicle must not be older than eight years. The vehicles that GRAS wishes to obtain are older than the allowable limit, and then there is the question of their technical accuracy. It is necessary to ensure a quality vehicle, and not to turn the city into a landfill waste’’, said Bubica.

The Acting Director of GRAS Avdo Vatrić could not tell us from where the vehicles will be imported, but in circulation are countries like Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and Sweden.

‘’An international tender will be issued for the purchase of vehicles, which lasts more than 30 days. Technical requirements that we look for and which are applicable to our country will be prescribed. Regarding the buses, they are not limited by age, but rather the type of engine due to exhaust gases, while there is no legislation determined for trolleybuses’’, said Vatrić.

GRAS said that it is most important for the money that is envisioned to be operational on time.

‘’We will not go beyond the limits that we get. The offers from Sweden will not be considered due to transport that would be very expensive. Negotiations are underway with people who know the market for the purchase of vehicles in order to choose the best option’’, said Vatrić.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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