The Greenest Architectural Gem Almost Sold

sarajevoConstruction of the greenest architectural gem in which Panamera invests 15 milion BAM is being intensively carried out in the Sarajevo suburb of Ilidža. The builders of the company ANS Drive are supported by the nice weather from the very beginning of construction, so that more has been done than initially planned.

“We are currently working on pouring concrete on the first floor, we have already completed the underground garage with 70 parking spaces,” Elvedin Mahmutović, director of the Panamera, told, noting that daily there are 80 to 100 engaged workers on-site.

They are satisfied with the sale of the apartment. Every day they are contacted by those interested, and this is another business segment that has exceeded their expectations. Customers have recognized the beauty of the site on which they are building, as well as the quality of the construction and materials used.

“We would highlight that the company Panamera was present at the real estate fair that was held last week in Kuwait, and that the potential buyers from this, but also the surrounding countries, showed great interest in our project. But we want to emphasize that there are still vacant apartments, but less and less every day,” says Mahmutović, inviting potential customers to call the Panamera and secure their apartment in their building on time.

Panamera will not stop on this project. They are already in full swing preparing for the next building that will be built. They are actively involved in equipping a travel agency which should soon become operational.



(Source: ekapija)

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