Hadzikadic requests an Apology from Russia: Interference in Internal Politics of BiH is a hostile Act

Mirsad Hadzikadic, the President of the Platform for Progress, reacted to the statements of the Russian ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) that Russia will have to react if BiH approaches joining NATO, which Moscow will consider a hostile act, calling them hostile.

As Hadzikadic said, as one of the five witnesses who signed the Framework Agreement for Peace in BiH, the Russian Federation should avoid such and similar evident violations of the rule of law in our country.

In this particular case, it means the Law on Defense of BiH, which is the result of a broad national consensus and was adopted in both houses of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, ” told Hadzikadic, Klix.ba writes.

He added that he considered the fact that the Russian Federation was protesting against the explicit regulation of one of the valid state laws of BiH to be a hostile act by the Russian Federation.

“I hereby call on the institutions of the Russian Federation to send a public apology to the citizens and institutions of our state for such and similar scandalous statements, as well as to refrain from similar hostile activities towards BiH in the future,” Hadzikadic emphasized.

To recall, the Russian ambassador to BiH, Igor Kalabukhov, said that any approach of BiH to NATO would be considered as a hostile act by Russia, which could cause certain “reactions”. These statements were condemned by a large number of BiH officials, and the public as well.


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