Hahn: There is no Place in the EU for Ones who deny Srebrenica Genocide

The European Commission warned all elected officials in Bosnia and Herzegovina that they should not deny the genocide in Srebrenica or any other judgments of international courts.

Commissioner for Enlargement Johannes Hahn, responding to one of the questions, pointed out that “the final verdict in Radovan Karadzic’s case closes the case of one of the most tragic events in recent European history”.

“The European Commission regularly emphasizes in communication with BiH political leaders that they must be an example in respecting the decisions of international tribunals. We emphasize that they should refrain from any statements or acts that could doubt the independence of the process and that they have to avoid and condemn any initiative that could increase tensions,” Hahn said.

“In our communications and documents, it is clear that there is no place in the EU for those who use the rhetoric to stir up passion, especially for those who glorify the perpetrators of war crimes on which side they are. Further efforts to deepen reconciliation are of crucial importance for the process of consolidating peace and stability in the region,” he concluded.

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