Halloween marked in the capital of BiH last Night

Halloween was marked in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina last night. The streets of Sarajevo were filled with witches, werewolves and other mythological creatures and young people were especially creative – they painted their faces to represent different characters.

Halloween is the night before the All Saints Day. The Old Celts celebrated November 1 as the beginning of a new year and the celebration was dedicated to the god of Sun, but also to the master of death, Samhain.

They believed that during the full moon, the night before the day of the dead, the dead leave their graves and visit their homes. That is why the living ones disguised themselves and made noise.

Pumpkins didn’t become popular until 16th century, and carving pumpkins was first popularized in America and then throughout the world.

Halloween is considered one of the most commercialized holidays in general. Around the globe, millions of dollars are spent in the days preceding Halloween on costumes and organization of different theme parties.



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