Handball team ”Mladost” ahead of a better future in 2013

The handball players of the team ”Mladost” from Banja Luka finished the first part of the season in the Second league of RS with highest possible results. Due to this, this team is on good path towards playing next year in the First league. Although they are the youngest team in the league, the team players of Bojan Crnomarković are a great threat for all other handball teams.

” We got to the first place more as the absolute winner, and our number of our goals which is + 116 is more than convincing of our dedication and team play. It is our wish to keep the first place and qualify into the First league of RS”- said Crnomarković.

He also added that it will not be easy to maintain the first place regarding the competition.

” Our biggest rivals are the teams ”Borac” and ”Sloga”, but I think we will succeed in securing the first place”- added Crnomarković.

After a great crisis, the team ”Mladost” is back on the path of success.

” I am very glad that my team players are also friends and that they are giving their maximum to make progress for this team.”- concluded Crnomarković.



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