Hasan Salihamidzic at the Beginning of a New Career and the biggest Life Challenge

By becoming a sports director of Bayern from Munich, Hasan Salihamidzic managed to reach the football peek that was unreachable to any other man from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and he started a new career in a great way and set himself a more difficult task than we would ever expect.

Bayern is one of the largest clubs in the entire world, and according to many, the best-organized one in terms of functioning, allocation of funds and the fact that it is led and managed by football legends, and not by some lawyers or tycoons. To become a sports director of such a great club is a big deal for Salihamidzic, and it is a big thing for BH football as well.

Matthias Sammer, Salihamidzic’s predecessor, was known as one of the best sports directors in the world of football, a man who did not make a single wrong step in his mandate and with whom the club formally reached the top of Europe.

Salihamidzic’s incredible amount of effort, commitment, and a great struggle, was manifested in the fact that he became the best player of Bayern in history, the predecessor of that kind of players in the Bundesliga. There is no position that he did not play, and he covered all side positions on a regular basis.

Today’s Bayern is difficult to explain team of top players, especially when we know for which amounts of money the players are bought from Spanish or English rivals. Expectations from a sports director in this business of sporting excellence are extremely high.

Hasan will play the same card this time again, and he will play on energy, effort and mobility, positive attitude and football DNA. How all of that will look like in club offices instead of football field remains to be seen. The fact that he never ran away from the obligations as the player but always was one of those who fill the team, the key player, the one who is there in the hardest times, will help him as well.

Our Hasan Salihamidzic is facing the greatest challenge of his life, the greatest because he did not even believe that he could ever get it. He always performed above all the expectations, and this time it has to be like that in order for the result to be optimal. If anyone can go so high thanks to the effort, self-reliance, and faith, it is him.

(Source: Rijad Durkic/

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