Have you visited Village Sinanovici, one of the Villages on Bjelasnica Mountain?


Village Sinanovici, one of the villages on Bjelasnica Mountain, is more and more visited and interesting to both domestic and foreign tourists from year to year. It is located at the foot of Visocica Mountain, just 40 kilometers away from Sarajevo.

This place is rich in healthy mountain water and herbs. Years before, this place had about 150 households. Today there is much less people because they are going to the cities believing that there are no conditions for life.

“Our family has always been engaged in agriculture, however, production and sale of dairy and meat products was very hard, we almost did not know what to do with all these products. After that, we decided to open a restaurant in which we could place our products. Now it is a restaurant “Visocica”, where we offer local cuisine to our guests, with dishes such as meat, pies, fritter with cheese and cream, various types of homemade soups etc…All the ingredients used for meals are our homemade products. Moreover, we offer domestic lamb on the spit during the summer, and local dried meat during winter. Depending on the season, we also offer a wide range of domestic juices and salads. Since our guests are mostly satisfied with our service and products, we gave them opportunity to purchase certain products such as domestic sheep cheese, sour cream, potatoes, and others at very reasonable prices,” said Enes Aljovic, a private businessmen, restaurateur and farmer.

“From year to year, number of visits of tourists is growing, and we invest in advertising and promotion a lot. We have guests from all over the world, as well as domestic tourists who are coming from all over the country, since this place is truly a paradise for the eyes and soul. People come here to rest and enjoy the natural beauty offered by Mount Visocica and this space around it. Arabs call this place “Paradise” and Italians “Paradise on Earth” because this place is very rich in various natural resources,” said Aljovic.

Aljovic also added that he is hoping that more young people will engage in the domestic production, because BiH has a lot of potentials that are still unused.


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