Heidecker: to Accelerate Procedure so Armed Forces of BiH React Quicker in Cases of Disaster

visit_to_the_flood-hit_areas_of_maglaj_and_doboj_3_20140807_1078821985“The visit to Doboj and Maglaj enabled us to show the Chair of the BiH Presidency Bakir Izetbegović what Armed Forces of BiH and their international partners have done during floods in BiH and how they reacted”, General Major Dieter Heidecker, Commander of EUFOR in BiH told FENA.

He emphasized the main task of Armed Forces of BiH is to help civil population.

”Within our assistance to Armed Forces our goal was to make sure that BiH AF are visible in the flooded areas. At the same time, our goal is to train them to be prepared for all activities related to this disaster”, said Heidecker.

Asked about activities in the upcoming period, he said that procedure needs to be accelerated so the BiH Armed Forces react quicker in these situations.

”We must find a way to shorten the procedure. In addition, we need to work on improving cooperation with civil organizations”, said Heidecker.

General Major Ante Jeleč, Chief of Joint Staff of Armed Forces of BiH said that BiH AF will deal with that problem, because “when we act immediately we achieve much more when it comes to rescuing human lives and material goods”.

He emphasized that BiH AF is ready to face potential new challenges despite poorer equipment.

Brigadier General of NATO Christopher Petty told FENA he was encouraged by the fact that Mayor of Doboj Obren Petrović is looking after his citizens and that he enabled representatives of Ministry of Defense of BiH, BiH Presidency, EUFOR and NATO to come to this city today and see what can be done.

”I am impressed with everything I have seen in Doboj and the way how citizens acted and everything they have done since May floods”, said Petty.


(Source: Fena/ photo EUFOR)

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