Heroes who made the Year of 2017 better

“News from the front pages” in 2017 were mostly related to politics, trials, arrest, reduction, pollution, salaries, healthcare, corruption, robberies, murders.

But, if there was not for some individuals, last year would be also left in the shadow of bad news from the black chronicles.

Therefore, let’s remind ourselves of some heroes who have shown us that they are the best of BiH and let’s hope that we will learn something from them in the future.

Seven little girls in the main street were selling the handmade jewelry and they donated part of their money for humanitarian purposes.

“We spend some money on ice cream and we give the rest of it to our school that gives money to our friend from school Andjela Lukic (10) who is suffering from leukemia,” said these girls.

They said that they put the money from the sale of bracelets, which they made from rubber and beads, in one of the boxes for collecting money that are displayed all over the city.

Emira Karavdic opened the doors of her small restaurant in the center of Visoko for everyone who is hungry.

“If someone is hungry, has little children, or an old grandpa or grandma, and they are not able to provide a meal, I will gladly feed them. Everything is temporary, and we should think of those who do not have money to buy something to eat,” as stated in a status that she posted on her Facebook page a few days ago.

Wishing to do something good in his free time, Igor Tomic (44) from Brcko decided to clean the snow in front of the homes of his fellow citizens who, for some reason, cannot do it on their own.

Igor says that he is pleased to be able to help others. Although he is unemployed, he does not want anybody to pay him. He said that this is one of the best ways for him to use his free time, and he considers it as a form of recreation.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)



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