Highest Officials expressed Satisfaction for Preparation of “EYOF 2019”

The highest state, entity and cantonal officials have expressed their satisfaction with the final preparations for the organization of the European Youth Olympic Festival “EYOF 2019”, which will take place from February 9thuntil 18thin Sarajevo and East Sarajevo.

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka hosted representatives of institutions that were part of the project and introduced them to the plans for the ceremony of the opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium “Asim Ferhatovic Hase”.

The meeting was attended by Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH Denis Zvizdic, Minister of Culture and Sport in the Government of FBiH Zora Dujmovic, Dragan Jaciimovic, Assistant Minister of Family, Youth and Sports of the Republika Srpska Government and Haris Basic, Minister of Economy of Canton Sarajevo.

Also, the meeting was attended by Izet Rado, the chairman of the Sarajevo City Committee, Igor Gavric, Chairman of City Council of City of Sarajevo, Nenad Vukovic, and  Miroslav Lucic and director of Public Enterprise EYOF d.o.o. Senahid Godinjak.

Mayor Skaka thanked the institutions and individuals for support and partnership in organizing the biggest sports competition in BiH since the Sarajevo Olympics 35 years ago.

“EYOF is a state project in its essence and character, but it has also practically demonstrated that we can all come together for a common interest and a project that is geared towards young people and the future,” said Mayor Skaka.

“EYOF 2019” will host more than one thousand contestants from Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, close to 750 delegation members from 46 European countries, more than 150 accredited journalists and thousands of volunteers from across the country.

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