How Dodik agreed to the Option of “Non-Paper” and the Story that “Greater Albania” is acceptable

The reactions of Milorad Dodik, the Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and the leader of the SNSD, to the theses that were written in an unofficial document (non-paper) originating from Slovenia, reveal from one angle that maybe the policy and attitude towards Serbia is insincere.

Namely, the Slovenian “non-paper” focuses on the new borders in the Western Balkans, which include the secession of the Republika Srpska (RS) entity, but also the annexation of Kosovo to Albania. Obviously, the story about the separation of BiH and the independence of the RS entity creates a smile on Dodik’s face. Thus, he commented on the Slovenian ”non-paper” and said he considers that there is a mood for such a thing in many European countries.

However, although the same “non-paper” implies the issue of Kosovo and annexes it to Albania, which creates the so-called “Greater Albania”, Dodik did not particularly treat that detail in his statements.

And how can one part of the “non-paper” then be acceptable and the other completely rejected? It is probably not possible, so the SNSD leader simply avoided commenting on the creation of “Greater Albania”, since he was overjoyed because the topic of some new borders was finally put on the agenda, at least unofficially.

Now, the question of the sincerity of Dodik’s attitude towards Serbia and the long-term “patriotic” defense of Kosovo and condemnation of the creation of a “Greater Albania” arises. Would Dodik agree to “Greater Albania” just to get his state and eventually annex it to Serbia? Although the loss of Kosovo and “Greater Albania” would try to be justified by the creation of ”Greater Serbia”, the question of whether the policy which was led so far was honest towards the Kosovo issue arises.

Four days ago in Belgrade, Dodik pointed out few times that he would try to seek support from Aleksandar Vucic in order to raise the issue of peaceful separation in BiH, calling on him and saying that he must get involved in all of this. In such a situation, Vucic would have to choose between Kosovo and “Greater Albania” and the RS. Such a choice has much deeper consequences than it is an essential support for Dodik and his dreams, Klix.ba writes.


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