How does the conceptual Design of the University of Tuzla Campus look like?

Tuzla Campus sa-c.netBarrack Husein Kapetan Gradaščević officially became the University of Tuzla Campus in 2011, creating the first prerequisite for the campus construction. Four years later, first step towards the realization of construction of the campus in Tuzla has been made. In late 2013, the University of Tuzla published a Contest for the creation of conceptual urban-architectural design of the Campus complex.

Jury had and exceptionally difficult job. Many good and usable works were submitted, and the commission selected and rewarded the best ones. Works presented here are by the authors Mirza Atlić, Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, Edin Husetić, Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, and Dr. Aida Husetić, Bachelor of Architectural Engineering.

Primary aim of the construction of University Campus at the locality “Stara kasarna” would be the grouping of all higher education institutions in an area which provides quality conditions for their accommodation, as well as for accommodation of all other amenities necessary for their optimal functioning. Spatial grouping of all higher education institutions in one place changes the image of University from the ground up. Moreover, it significantly improves teaching, scientific infrastructure, and general conditions for life and work of students. Therefore, research and social micro-environment would be stimulated, as well as interdisciplinarity in scientific work, creation of interdisciplinary study programs, and transmission of achieved knowledge into technological innovations and refinement of society as a whole. This project will significantly improve the standards of studying, conditions for scientific work, and information system which will enable the University to be integrated and connected with other centers in the region.

Besides faculties, the campus will also accommodate a students’ center, which will include a multi-purpose hall, cinema hall, students’ club, pool, fitness hall, main restaurant for students, as well as smaller restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, classrooms (foreign languages centers and the like), dancing hall, post office, internet club, bank and other areas for social activities and entertainment. Accommodation capacities will be provided by dormitories and apartments for teaching staff. Apart from that, some joint amenities will also be situated within the campus: laboratory, library, university offices, and the rectorate.

According to conceptual designs, the campus should also include squares, parks, promenades, gathering plateaus, administration building, clinic, dental clinic, printing office, technical maintenance service space, and so on. Sports and recreation have also been thought about, thus the campus should also include fields for football, handball, tennis, basketball, volleyball, running tracks, cycling trails, etc.

(Source: sa-c.net)

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