Government of FB&H to sell three more Companies?

meetingIn the upcoming months, the Government of FB&H is planning to sell three companies in which it has minority stakes in ownership. These are the following companies: Bosnalijek, Fabrika Duhana Sarajevo (Sarajevo Tobacco Factory) and Sarajevo Osiguranje (Sarajevo Insurance).

Advisor to the FB&H Prime Minister Goran Mirascic said that the government is expecting to get at least 65 million BAM from the sale of stakes in these companies.

Agency for Privatization received the order to find a possible modality for sale. Most likely it will go through the stock exchange. Funds from the sale are planned on the income of the FB&H budget for 2016,” said Mirascic.

Few days ago, the Government of FB&H established and submitted budget proposal for the upcoming year in the amount of 2,598,862,123 BAM in the parliamentary procedure.

Budget proposal in relation to the proposed draft is increased for additional 65 million BAM, which will be secured with the sale of these three companies. Out of this amount, 50 million BAM will be directed to the linking of work experience, 10 million BAM for taking material care of the institutions of the Government of FB&H, 2 million BAM for the implementation of set of anti-corruption laws, and 3 million BAM for capital transfers of public enterprises for funding of development projects.


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