How many Election Promises did BH Government fulfil in the last Mandate?

Nine parties that are making the ruling coalition at the state and entity levels of the government fulfilled only 32 of 966 promises that were given since the general elections in 2014, as noted by the Citizen’s Association “Why not”.

A total of 966 promises were made, of which 143 on the state level, 362 promises in the FBiH and 461 promises in the RS. A total of 77 % of promises are unfulfilled, while 20 % of them were partially fulfilled.

This means that the authorities in the mandate from 2014 to 2018 fulfilled only 3.3 % of all promises.

“The authorities on the level of state and the FBiH fulfilled 3 % of their promises, while authorities in the RS fulfilled 4 % of their promises,” said Dalio Sijah from the Association “Why not”.

Monitoring of the portal “Istinomjer” included nine political parties that are taking part in the government: SNSD, the Socialist Party, DNS (Republika Srpska), SDA, SBB and HDZ (FBiH), SDS and PDP, together with SDA, SBB and HDZ BiH in the coalition at the state level.

The most promises were made by DNS (278), SDA (273) and SNSD (130).

The highest percentage of realized promises have SNSD (8%), the Socialist Party (6%) and SDA (5%).

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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