How the projected Budget Reserve for this Year is being used in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

“The proposed budget of the joint institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) for this year is as much as 31 million higher than in the previous one, it is very insensitive to the economic situation in BiH and reflects the arrogance of the proposers,” noted Mira Pekic, PDP deputy in the House of Representatives.

Pekic told that the funds for the purchase of cars, “capital investments” for the purchase of furniture, and the rise in the number of employees have increased enormously:

“The Presidency of BiH and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are buying nine new cars for 635.000 and 500.000 BAM, respectively. For the same purpose, the Parliament of BiH also allocates 500.000 BAM, while the General Secretariat 360.000 BAM. On top of all that, travel expenses for the BiH Parliament have been increased by 46%, and for the Presidency by as much as 100%, ” Pekic said.

She added that a budget reserve of 17.3 million is planned for the fight against the coronavirus:

“The results of BiH institutions achieved so far in managing the crisis caused by the coronavirus are, to put it mildly, disappointing. It remains unclear how the projected budget reserve will be used since it would be more realistic to allocate it to the entities that are in charge of health. But, the practice in the last two years has shown that the government led by SNSD and their coalition partners, by constantly increasing the budget for the level of BiH, is actually working on fulfilling the goal of strengthening BiH institutions, ” concluded Pekic, Buka writes.


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