Humanitarian Project of collecting Clothing started in Sarajevo

UKRAINE-SOCIETY-ROMAIn the Municipality Novo Sarajevo, representatives of the Association ADRA BiH, promoted the humanitarian and ecological project of collecting used clothing and footwear “Bread of textiles”, which is intended to help people in need and the work of soup kitchens.

Container for the collection of used textile has been installed in Hrasno, in Sarajevo, in the framework of this humanitarian action.

On this occasion, Mayor of Novo Sarajevo Nedzad Koldžo, together with members of the Center for Healthy Aging Novo Sarajevo donated used clothing and thus send the message and called the other citizens to do so, because all revenues of collected textiles will be used to finance public kitchens for the homeless run by ADRA.

The “Bread of textiles” project is implemented by ADRA BiH and the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo, which found the container and donated the location for placing containers of used goods.

(Source: klix)

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