Hydroelectric Power Plant Višegrad Broke Monthly Record in Electricity Production

HE-na-Drini-1The hydroelectric power plant Višegrad achieved a monthly production record of 196 gigawatt-hours of electricity, with which 58 percent was transferred to a monthly plan, said the Director of the company “Power Plant on the Drina” Mile Lakić.

“The previous monthly record was in 2010, when the flood engulfed the Podrinje and when 195 gigawatt-hours of electricity was produced’’, said Lakić.

According to him, this year three višegrad turbines at the power plants produced 614.4 gigawatts of electricity, which is 68 percent of the annual plan.

“Based on our analysis, the first four months of this year were the most successful in production for 23 years of the existence of HE “Višegrad”, said Lakić.

The planned production for April was 124 gigatwatt-hours of electricitiy.

“According to the forecasts of our experts and water flow on the Drina, it is expected that the next period will be similar and that more electricity will be produced than was planned’’, concluded Lakić.

The record was achieved thanks to favorably hydrology, readiness of the facilities and expertise of people who operate it.

(Source: E-Kapija)

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