If Croatia builds Nuclear Waste Dump near BiH Border, 230 Residents will feel Consequences

For two years, Croatia has been officially planning to build a nuclear waste dump at the border with BiH.

Now, the Croatian media are writing that the decision is definite and if realized, it would potentially jeopardize 230,000 people in BiH and Croatia.

A large number of settlements and cities in the north and northwest of our country will be directly threatened, especially Bosanski Novi and Prijedor region.

First estimates by environmental experts say that the nuclear waste disposal site at Trgovska Gora, which belongs to the Dvor municipality in Croatia, threatens as many as 230,000 inhabitants as it would pollute the River Una, which would mean impure drinking water.

Farmers would also suffer a great damage.

It should also be noted that the River Una is declared a natural park, and there is also the Una national park nearby.

Croatia has to resolve the issue of nuclear waste disposal by the Krško power plant by 2023, and although Slovenia suggests that it is the location of Vrbina, Croatia does not agree.

The location where Croatia is planning a nuclear waste disposal site is only 800 meters from the River Una and a kilometer from the waterfall for Bosanski Novi.

From this water-supply, more than 15 thousand residents are drinking water, Klix.ba news portal reports.


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